Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Part 1

Today we took Grady to the Pensacola Naval Museum for some trick or treating.  There was a fun house, a haunted helicopter, a play area, and some treats.  Grady is too young for the treats, but fortunately for his mom and dad, lots of people (especially old people) have a hard time determining if he can have candy or not so they just give it me and Mikey him.

He was very original in his scarecrow costume.  We saw lots of spidermans, and ninjas, and princesses, and star wars thingies (don't know what they are called, and I've already told Mikey that Grady will NEVER be anything Star Wars).  He said, what if he asks???  I said, we'll start telling him from a young age that he cannot ever be Star Wars, Disney, comic book creatures, etc.  Plus, I'll just tell him no.  I'm the boss anyway.

A hilarious blow up shark!

Life Stinks Sometimes


As if I don't get to deal with poop enough with a 10 month old, I now get to deal with it at work.  The other day after the kids had gone home, I smelled something in my bathroom in my classroom.  I walked in and looked in the under-the-sink cabinet, and lo and behold, one of my "precious" students had left a little surprise for me!  CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?????  I almost threw up and I just got out of there as fast as humanly possible.  There are so many things wrong with this situation, I don't even know where to begin.

I tried to lay the guilt trip on them BIG time on Friday morning... I mean I told them how sad I was that someone wanted to do that and how disappointed I was and how the poor janitor had to clean that up.  Oh yeah, and also how disgusting that is and don't they know they can die if they touch human poop?  And don't they also know there are all kinds of poop related diseases out there, so if they're responsible for this, they better go home and tell their mom because they may need to go to the hospital and be admitted and monitored for these so-called diseases.  Do you think any of that made someone confess? I gave them each a sheet of paper and told them to write their name on it and a simple YES or NO.  I told them they would not be in trouble (if you consider getting a paddling from the principal not "in trouble"), but that we would just discuss is privately and that's it.  Well at the end of the day, I had 19 NO's in my mailbox.  Those little turkeys. 

What to do, what to do....

I thought my kids liked me!

Don't worry, NO PICS for this post!!!

Farm Weekend

Last weekend, we went to visit Dad and Charlotte at their farm in Alabama.  Their house is just beautiful. 

They are always working on something at the farm and their hard work definitely shows!  Charlotte's friends Loretta and Scooter where there, along with her brother and sister-in-law Ellis Ray and Jan. 

Ellis Ray and Scooter


Jan and Loretta


We all just relaxed and enjoyed the chilly weather (finally!).  Best of all, Charlotte and the other ladies would not let me lift a finger!  They let me relax because they said I never get to do it anymore with a baby (very true).  Loretta, Jan and Charlotte made a FABULOUS dinner on Saturday night and Dad grilled some fish... we had Mahi Mahi, tuna steak, crab casserole, grilled veggies, asparagus, garlic bread... and chocolate cake for dessert.  It was definitely the best meal I have had in a long time.  Mikey never liked fish, but I always told him, once you have fish that my dad makes, you will like it.  And he did!

We took long walks....

Played on Big Daddy's tractor....

 and Nanny's Kaboda.... 

And visited Jenny the donkey...

Grady didn't really like her... poor Jenny! 

And just a couple more...

We had a nice visit and we'll be back soon!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Grady's 1st Haircut

We couldn't make it until his first birthday....
Not so sure about this!

Getting Ready....

Ok, not really caring for this too much...

What IS that thing??

Really not sure about it now!

Had to break out the passy


I hate to tell him, but he'll have to go through this torture again one day soon!  I think it looks so much better now!  He did a good job!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Kay Brown Photos

They are up!  Follow the link...

9 Month Portraits

Click the Online Viewing tab, type in White

Let me know what you think!  They ones in the chef's hat are for our Christmas cards.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bye Bye Birdie

As it turns out, Grady loves birds.  Which is odd, because I hate them.  Well, I should say used to hate them.  I used to hate them because their chirping woke me up at the crack of dawn, but now I have a little boy who does that, so my hatred for the birds has diminished.  But, he absolutely LOVES birds.  He likes to watch them fly and follows them across the sky.  He waves at them as they soar by...

(Following them ALL the way back!)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Brrr... It's Cold Outside

Yesterday, Grady enjoyed a walk in his wagon, but it sure was chilly.  I guess I need to start investing in some winter clothes (notice the mismatched hat/gloves/hoodie/socks), because last winter, he was just a newborn!

(Back inside)

In more news, Grady has been to the doctor for the third time in a week.  Last Friday, the 9th, he began having a HORRIBLE diaper rash.  I mean, the worst I've ever seen.  I know I haven't seen that many, but it was bad.  He clinched onto me when I tried to sit him down in he tub, he screamed and cried hysterically every time I changed him- it was heartbreaking.  So I took him into the doctor on the following Monday.  We waited for 2 HOURS.  The doctor (a fill-in, not our regular ped) told us to use neosporin and lotrimin.  She did not even give that poor boy a presciption.  I went by our pharmacy and got something called "Miracle Butt Paste" that the pharmacist mixes up himself, and used that instead.  By Thursday, much of the rash seemed to have cleared, but then he had tiny little bumps everywhere.  So I took him back to the doctor on Thursday, where I spent another 2 HOURS.  I saw our regular doc this time and she said it was Staph, so she gave him a topical antibiotic.  By this point, Mikey and I had pretty much decided to find a new doctor.  We really like our pediatrician (NOT the fill in), but we couldn't stand waiting this long every time.  It was getting ridiculous.  She always spends a long time with each patient, including us, and we really like that, but it came down to her just having TOO many patients.

So we found a new doctor on Friday, and I actually had the chance to meet him today at Grady's THIRD drs appt in a week!  His staph has not gone away AT ALL, so I took him in.  He said Grady needs an oral antibiotic instead of topical.  He is also pretty sure it's MRSA, but he didn't seem overwhelmingly concerned.  He even gave me my flu shot while I was there!

Anyway, long story not-so-short, I hope Grady's bumps go away sooner rather than later, and I hope to see his new doctor again later rather than sooner.  Man, kids are exhausting!