Friday, May 21, 2010

Grady White, Lizard Lover

.... Not to be confused with Steve Irwin, Crocodile Hunter, although their adventurous personalities are quite similar...

Grady enjoyed chasing this lizard yesterday. 

Mikey caught it and we let Grady hold it.  The lizard got away and Grady actually caught it again! 

Then, he stopped, was silent, and looked at us with a bit of shock in his eyes.  I said, "Mikey, I think that lizard is doing something to him!"  He ran over and that lizard was latched on to Grady's hand like it was his lunch (I'm sure the fact that Grady was squeezing the life out of it had nothing to do with it).  Mikey had to squeeze its mouth until it released, but it did break Grady's skin! 

I told Mikey to throw that stupid lizard as far as he could.  I wish I would have stomped its brains out.   (I'm not going to be a protective mother or anything).

Here is Grady playing outside even though it was raining. We pick our battles around here.  Since it was just drizzling, we just let him play!

Mikey says you can never start too early- he bought Grady his first baseball glove, ball, and bat!

We hope to have a relaxing and restful weekend. Since Mikey and I are working opposite schedules now, it seems like we are busier than ever.  So if I haven't called any of y'all lately, it's because I'm going from 5:30 am until 10:00 pm most nights... and Mikey is going just as much, but opposite hours... it will take some getting used to! 

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Today we went to a birthday party today for Noah... Noah is Matt's son, Matt is Mikey's old roommate and a good friend of ours.  Noah turned 9 and had his birthday party at PetLand.  It was a really neat party.  Noah got to go with the party host to pick out 6 animals to bring into the party that was in a separate room and all his friends got to play with the animals.  He chose a bearded dragon (gross), a red tail boa (gross again), a feret that Grady tried to kill by snapping its neck, a beagle (CUTE!), a cha-weiny (this is a new breed... chihuahua/weiner dog... hilarious!), and Mikey's favorite, an english bulldog.  OH. MY. GOSH.  This was the cutest little thing I have ever seen in my entire life and had it not cost $4800, we may have brought home a little brother for Ellie.  No payment plan was convincing me that this would be a smart investment.  However, a little boy named Grady did convince me that this was a smart investment:

I must say I do like these little fish and it is pretty to look at.  We got some neon tetras and some other neon fish.... I'm not expert on the fish as you can tell.  If it weren't for Jessica at PetLand, we'd have a bunch of fish attacks happening right now in our aquarium.  Grady gets excited and says "FISEEEE!!!" (or "NEMO!!!", but he doesn't quite understand that we don't have Nemo in our tank... we are amateurs, not quite ready for the saltwater fish!).  We want to add just a couple more fish since these are so small, but the rule is one inch of fish per one gallon of water, so we really shouldn't get too many more.  We did end up with a shrimp in there somehow.  It was a freebie.  We didn't notice the poor fella till we got home and set it up.  Ever since I saw "Finding Nemo" I personify the fish and think they have real feelings like when they see the net coming, they are thinking "No, not me, not me, not me"!  I asked Mikey if he thought they'd be happy with their new living conditions and he looked at me like I was crazy.  I keep reminding them not to get near the filter, too. Do you think they look at me like that brace-faced little girl from the movie?  I hope not. 

We had a lot of fun at the party, Grady crashed AS SOON AS we got in the car.  Then, tonight, Elaine came over and babysat so Mikey and I could enjoy a night out with dinner and trip to Wal Mart.  We live a luxurious life.

These are a couple pics I took yesterday that I thought were just adorable.

Hope y'all are enjoying your weekend as well!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Just Some Pics

Grady will be 18 months old next month... his personality is getting more defined each day.  He has become very independent and his favorite word right now is "NO!".  Sometimes he likes to add in a slap along with the word.  And yes, he does get in trouble for it.  Here's what happens when he gets in trouble:

Can you see why it's hard to tell him no???  I hate it.

On a brighter side, he is very fun and energetic most of the time.  He has a large vocabulary and can understand and follow most directions.  He loves to be outside and would stay out there all day and night if we'd let him!

New bubble machine... of course he must investigate how it works....

Watching the bubbles...

Telling us "BYE!" as he heads out to his motorcycle....

Lovin on Mama (or vice versa!)

This picture cracks me up... he loves the sweeper and for some reason, he loves these headphones.  He always wants us to put them on for him, then he just walks around wearing them.  Maybe he is trying to tune me out!

Hope everyone has a great week!