Sunday, March 14, 2010

Visit from Jenine and Phil

This weekend, Jenine and Phil came for a quick visit.  They got here Thursday night and on Friday, they (Elaine as well) picked him up from day care around 10 so they could spend the day with him.  They went to the park and just played all day.  He LOVES the park and pretty much anything outside!  We were lucky to have gorgeous weather all weekend.  We spent every second of the day yesterday outside.  Mikey smoked some ribs that were DELICIOUS and even made homemade bbq sauce.  Elaine and Jenine fixed coleslaw, baked beans, and pound cake that was yummy, too.  I didn't have to make one thing for dinner!  This morning, we met at Village Inn for breakfast before they hit the road.  It's a long drive back.  Thanks for making the trip guys!  Here is a pic of Grady "helping" Daddy with the ribs....

And would you believe this is basically the only picture I have from the weekend?  Unless you want to count this one in which I'm not exactly sure what Mikey intended to capture, but it was clearly not my face...

How come the mom is always behind the camera, and when she's not, it's pics like this???  Oh well!

I'm annoyed that I didn't take pictures, but I think what happens is that when we have company, they always play with Grady and so I'm not constantly in his face snapping pictures!  I may actually be SITTING down!!!!  Would someone like to come every weekend?  :)

Today, Mikey was mowing the grass/mowing up leaves and of course Grady wanted to hitch a ride.  He LOVES the lawnmower and basically anything that has a steering wheel and goes "vroom vroom" as he likes to say.  I guess the vibrations and humming finally got the best of him because I went outside and this is what I saw...

I went and got him and he went straight down in his crib.  Mikey said "it was the most awesome thing in his whole life".  I'm thinking this may be a new routine for nap time! 

A few days ago, Aunt Sam sent Grady some stylish new clothes for St. Paddy's Day as well as some cute little animal stickers.  Grady loved opening the gifts and the curly ribbon that she used!  By the way, Sam, he must have REALLY liked the stickers because I found a clump of them stuck together in his crib!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Finally, Warmer Weather!

It has been so cold for the past few months and finally today, it was sunny and 60 degrees!  We decided to go to our favorite beach restaurant, Peg Leg Pete's and then take Grady over to the boardwalk.  Peg Leg's was packed because they were having an Oyster Festival...we enjoyed sitting on the deck and really enjoyed our raw oysters.  Grady liked his beach pail full of chicken tenders and fries.  (He got to keep the pail and even flirted with the girls beside us to score their pail as well).  I told Mikey as we were eating that sometimes I just can't believe what a big boy Grady is.  He was just sitting there dunking his fries in his ketchup, drinking his milk with a straw, and pretty much doing everything himself!  Don't get me wrong, he's still a handfull because he's into EVERYTHING, but it's nice to not have told hold a spoon for him and feed him every bite. 

We headed over to the boardwalk after lunch.  We brought the wagon so Grady could just ride along.  He absolutely loved it.  When we went down to the sand, he wasn't as thrilled because it's hard for him to stand up in it.  But we all enjoyed being outside on such a pretty day.

Later this afternoon, we headed back out and took Grady to the park.  He's never been to the park before, so we weren't sure if he'd like it.  Turns out, he loves it!  It was really crowded, but there is an area for the little kids where he could play.