Sunday, September 27, 2009

Seafood Festival

Yesterday, we went to the Seafood Festival in downtown Pensacola.  It was VERY crowded and VERY hot.  But, there was a lot of seafood to choose from.  They had a large kids area and also several arts/crafts vendors.  Mikey ate alligator sausage which I did not care to taste, and I had bang bang shrimp.  It was a little pricey and not as good as the bang bang shrimp from Bonefish.  Once we got our food, moved through the crowd, and got to our grassy spot next to the band, it was much better and much cooler.  Grady enjoyed the music and his peaches while we enjoyed our seafood!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Watching Daddy Mow the Lawn

And here are the best buddies watching Mikey from the door...

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Time for an Update

This past weekend, we had a visit from Mikey's sister, Jenine. She hadn't seen Grady since he was 4 months old, so it was time for a visit! She came in late Friday night after Grady had gone to bed, but Mikey was sure to take her in Grady's room to take a look at him while he was sleeping!

Saturday, Grady woke up bright and early (FIVE THIRTY!!), but Jenine was up with him ready to play. He has started standing in his crib and I don't think he knows how to sit back down, so once he stands up, we have to go get him. He took a little morning nap and then we went to lunch and to look for some clothes for Grady. It was a pretty uneventful day... we just hung out and played with Grady.

Sunday morning, Elaine and Jenine went to the 8:30 church service and Mikey and I went to the 11 o'clock service. We had planned to go downtown to something called "Taste of Pensacola" in which there were supposed to be several food vendors from Pensacola. Elaine and Jenine went early while Grady napped, but called us shortly after they arrived there and said that there were only 2 vendors! Apparently the rain the day before and projected rain for Sunday caused the vendors not come. So they came over to our house instead and (you guessed it!) played with Grady. Then we went to dinner at Red Robin... Grady was a handful at dinner... throwing toys, being noisy, etc, but we still had a good time.

Jenine had to leave early Monday morning to go back to Tampa and even had to go into work that day. We enjoyed the visit and were happy that she came to see Grady!

(I stole this from her FB page... hope you don't mind, Jenine!)

Here are a couple of videos I took of Grady moving along the couch. He still hasn't crawled the correct way, and I'm not sure he ever will. He likes to pull up on things now and walk along the edge. Please ignore my annoying voice.  I hate hearing myself on video!  I'm sorry the videos are parallel with the screen... it won't let me rotate them! Hopefully you have a lap top and can turn the whole computer...

Video 2

This weekend, we may go to the Seafood Festival, but who knows.  Sometimes Grady likes to ruin change our plans because of his naps, but he is getting better! Tomorrow, Grady's babysitter wanted to go to a women's conference at church, so Mikey and I both took a much needed day off work and we are going to stay home with Grady.  Since Sunday is my birthday, I am calling it my 3 day weekend birthday celebration.  I haven't thought once about sub plans or work related activities! 

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Boys Will Be Boys

Today we went to Roxanne and Jason's baby shower. Baby Adelyne will be here in 7 weeks! There were a lot of people there, all good company and good food, too! Grady came with us and was a good boy and enjoyed borrowing Anastin and Lyla's (Roxanne's nieces) toys while he was there! I unfortunately didn't get too many pictures, but check Nancy's blog and of course, Roxanne's, and maybe they will post some. I did manage to get one of Roxanne and she looks great!

And one of Grady, too...

We had fun visiting and can't wait to see their new baby next month!

Earlier today, I took some pictures of Grady in a shirt that Samantha bought him when he was just a wee little thing, and it cracks me up. She buys Grady the fun stuff, because she knows I'm too stuffy to buy it myself! Isn't it hysterical? Maybe if you click on the picture, you can read the "buttons" that are on the shirt. Should he wear this to church tomorrow??

He's actually standing on his own!!! He did it for about 5 seconds and then came barreling towards me. I think he will definitely walk before he actually does the proper crawl.

And another... this one he is leaning against the window.

Here he is looking out the window as Daddy works in the backyard. He LOVES his daddy!

And last, here are some pictures of Grady "eating" dinner. (This is what happens when Daddy takes over!)

I guess I better get used to messes since I have a little boy! (Make that two, if you include Mikey!)

Monday, September 7, 2009

Just Something Funny

This afternoon in the car, I smelled something fruity and familiar... kind of like apple cinammon. I said to Mikey, does Grady have something in his hands? He looked around and lo and behold, Grady had drug the diaper bag over to him, reached in, found his Apple Cinammon Puffs, took the top off, and DUMPED the container in his lap! He was just happily eating handfulls of puffs as we drove home! I would have gotten a picture, but I tried to clean them up as we were driving so Grady wouldn't choke on them.

It's just hard to believe that he is becomming so independent. He holds his own bottle, eats "human food" (as Mikey calls it- meaning adult food), and puts himself to sleep for naps and bedtime! Whoo-hoo!!! Three more months and we'll be celebrating his 1st birthday!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Praise the Lord, Amen, and Hallelujah!

Today we tried a new church and I was sure to dress Grady in something a little more gender specific. There were no mistakes with the he/she comments today!

Speaking of churches, we have been trying to find a good one that we can both agree one. Mikey is a typical yankee and does not do Baptist churches. (Just kidding about the yankee comment... well, kind of). He is not into the whole "dunking" baptisms. Ok, I ain't gonna lie, I really don't want to be dunked either for two reasons. 1- I've already been baptised as an infant and I do not think I should have to do it again in order to become a member of a church. And 2- no one looks good with wet hair, smeared make up, and clingy clothes. Let's be honest here, I don't need my clothes clinging to any part of my body any worse than they already do, not even my big toe, so I'm with my hubby on this one. Oh yeah, and also we really want Grady to be baptised the way we were, you know with the sprinkling of the water representing the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. We don't want to do the baby dedication. And for all you baptist readers, I'm not knocking the baptist way. Honestly, I'm not. There is nothing wrong with it, in fact it's the way it was done in the Bible, but I just prefer not to do it that way. (If you've forgotten why, refer back to the aforementioned reasons).

But anyway, it's unfortunate about the whole dunking situation (we both agree the only thing we want to dunk is a donut, which is perhaps why I do not look so great in clingy clothes) because I really enjoyed a baptist church I tried a few weeks ago. Mikey didn't come with me that day because Grady was asleep...and if you know me well, you know I don't wake a sleeping baby unless the house is burning down, and even then that's only if I've already tried to put wet towels under his door to keep the fire out and that has failed.

So, we have come to an agreeance that we will not try anymore Baptist churches and stick with the Methodist or Presbyterian churches. We will just try until we find a good fit for us. Hopefully Grady will not be 16 when that happens.

On a whim, we tried a church today that was non-denominational and we enjoyed the message from the pastor a lot. However, coming from very conservative backgrounds, there were one too many "amens, hallelujahs, praise the Lord" shouted from the crowd. Pair that with hand clapping a few hands in the air and Mikey felt about as uncomfortable as a bum on a porcupine. Again, for all you non-denominational readers, I'm not knocking the shout outs either. (Y'all like how I assume we have a slew of readers out there? I'm pretty sure it's just a few family members, and none of y'all are off the chain curtain climbers in church. Although a few are baptist, so please don't take offense to the dunking donuts. I mean, baptismal pool.)

But enough about church (can I get an amen?)... here are some pictures of our crazy little man (who is sprouting a vampire tooth, just fyi)...

Friday, September 4, 2009

Today as I am filling a bin with Grady's "too big clothes" (which is getting smaller as the "too small bin" is getting larger), he is pulling himself up on it and taking them all out.

Of course, Ellie has to be RIGHT there!

That's how I feel when I look at the laundry, too, Grady....

Up, Up, Up....

And Over!

Tonight during dinner, Grady decided he wants to start feeding himself-

We're going to work on manners before we go out in public.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

What A Man, What A Man, What A Mighty Good Man!

Ok, is this manly enough for you all????

(And that's ESPN the Magazine, just FYI) :)