Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Busy Weeks... and Grady is Growing!

Things have been busy at the White House. Katie moved in last week and we are enjoying have her here... I'm a little psycho about keeping the noise level down at night time and that is very difficult with 12 paws clicking around the wood floor!

Mother's Day was a nice day... Mikey bought me adirondack chairs for the patio and Grady sent me flowers to work on Friday! A very talented friend of Mikey's made the chairs for us, along with a baby rocking chair for little Gray Gray...

Aunt Jenine sent a Mother's Day shirt for Grady to wear... It says "I Love My Mom"!

Grady enjoyed a fun time at Relay for Life the weekend before last. He strolled along for a few laps and my work friends really enjoyed seeing him!

Katie and I are trying out Anna Cross's new hairbows on Grady (Mikey was NOT happy!)... doesn't he look cute? Lol...

And just a few more random pics...

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Waiting on my Camera!

I haven't posted anything new lately because I left my camera in Elaine's car. We had a busy weekend last weekend and this week Katie moved in! I will be getting my camera back tomorrow and posting lots of pics! Have a great Saturday everybody!