Sunday, April 26, 2009

Busy Weekend...

This weekend we had a fun visit from Mikey's sister, Jenine. She came over early Friday morning to pick Grady up and he spent the day with Aunt Jenine and Grandma. Friday night, we had an early dinner and just relaxed. Saturday, we went to the "Scratch Ankle" Festival in Milton. None of us were quite sure why it is called that, but it is basically an arts and crafts festival in downtown Milton that is about 2 blocks long! It was small, but the weather was beautiful and we enjoyed being outside. Saturday night, we grilled steaks and ate on the new patio. Grady loved sitting on Aunt Jenine's shoulders and pulling handfulls of hair!

He also had his first "people food" as we call it... carrots! He loved them and made a HUGE mess. We decided it was time for some food when we noticed the past several days that Grady follows our every bite from plate to mouth like a dog. Look at the mess he made...

And finally this weekend, we went out and bought some new bikes and a bike trailer for little Grady to cruise around in. Due to the ever expanding waistline 18 weeks post partum, I've picked up the exercise by walking the track at least 3 days a week and now the whole family can bike together! We bought beach cruisers which are much more comfortable than mountain bikes, and since we aren't going to take Grady on any steep, rocky trails anytime soon, these were perfect for us.

Don't you like the retro look?

And Mikey's along with the trailer...

We took our first ride after dinner tonight, with Grady and his teething ring in tote (yes, he is teething, that is a whole different story), we rode like the wind and Grady LOVED catching the breeze!

A few more to tag on... Grady is his exersaucer (mom tries not to let him get "overstimulated" with all those colors, noises, and spinny things"). He really enjoys it and we really enjoy him becoming a little more independent- as much as a 4 month old can be!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

4 Months Old Today!

Today is Grady's 4 month old birthday! Everyone says how time flies and how fast they grow up and it is so true. But we are enjoying him everyday... he smiles and giggles and squeals. And he rolled over for the first time with absolutely NO help today!

Easter Pics...

All Smiles!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pictures are up!

Go to, click online viewing, then type in White.

Let me know what you think!

I will post Easter pics soon- I left the camera at Mikey's mom's house on Sunday...

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Old Friends

Today, Grady and I went to Destin to meet my friend Kami, along with her 7 month old baby girl, Makay, her mom and her aunt. I have known Kami and her family since middle school, for almost 15 years! We haven't seen each other since her wedding in October 06. So it was great to catch up and meet her precious baby. Grady and Makay enjoyed each other very much- Makay kept reaching over to grab Grady's hand, and even leaned in for the kiss! She's a cougar. :) And Gray Gray (as I like to call him) is quite the lady's man.

Mikey stayed home and put together our new patio furniture and gazebo. We got a new concrete patio in early March and have been searching for the perfect table, chairs, and gazebo since then. So we really haven't spent much time out there at all. But now that we have our items, we will spend many summer evenings eating dinner together! As an added bonus, Grady LOVES to be outdoors.

We have a busy few weeks with visitors... Emily and Jeff are coming on Wednesday for one night, Mikey's sister Jenine is coming in a couple of weekends, and then Katie moves in the first week of May. Yay! I can't wait to have my sister back home although I wish Beau could come, too. :(

Grady finished his 3 months pictures on Wednesday (although he's almost 4 months now)... she has not posted them yet, but if you want to check periodically, go to, then click on "online viewing" and type in "White". I check daily!!!

Look how much he has grown... the first picture was taken at 4 weeks old, the second taken just last week at 15 weeks old. I wish time could stand still now before he gets any bigger! MUCH cuter now, if you want to know my opinion!!!

(Quite the chub-chub! below)

Happy Easter everyone!