Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First Day of School/Happy Birthday Elaine!

Monday was the first day of school with students… Grady was ready for “school” at Mrs. Kaye’s!!! He has been having a blast with his friends… he sure missed them over the summer!

I have a challenging class this year, but this week has been good so far and I am excited to work with my kids. We also have two new teachers on our grade level and they fit right in!

Yesterday was Elaine’s birthday. She picked up Grady from daycare early so they could spend the day together. Then, she came over for dinner and we had dessert at Dairy Queen. :) Since she likes to work in the yard, we made her a garden stepping stone that Grady put his handprints in. He was SO proud of the finished product and I think Elaine loved it.

Happy Birthday Elaine!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Summer's End...

Today, we took Grady to a place right outside of Mobile called Kangarooz.  My friend Miranda mentioned it the other day on Facebook, so we decided to give it a try.  It's an indoor inflatable playground with a great toddler area.  It's really clean and nice inside.  It has a cafe and even a stage and a dance floor complete with a disco ball (perhaps Grady's favorite part!).  My Gymboree membership is up since I am about to go back to work, so Grady hasn't had a place, other than the house, to run around and play since we returned from California.  It's still miserably hot and unless we are at the water, we have to stay inside.  So we went over there this morning and Grady loved it.  I have to say I did too!  And it's quite a workout to carry a toddler up the inflatable rock wall in order to slide down!   But he really enjoyed it and even liked the "big kid" inflatables.  We were told by one bratty informative little kid that the baby area was "over there".  Mikey let her know that Grady liked the big ones, too!  I had my eye on that girl, don't you worry.

Dancing on the stage....

Mikey fell coming out of the bounce house and I could not stop laughing!
Grady loved the Kangaroo and followed him into his "dressing room"... he cried when he realized he wasn't coming back out!
Kissing the Kangaroo

After that, we went to Bass Pro Shops next door just to walk around and grab lunch. I've only been to the one in Destin, but this one is much bigger and has lots of mounted animals, which Grady really liked. 

At Bass Pro Shops

I go back to work on Monday, which I am really looking forward to... but I will of course be sad to leave Grady again.  The transition is always hard at first.  It's been a great summer filled with many great memories.  Grady is at a wonderful age, learning so much and doing such funny things.  Last summer was VERY stressful with him because he wasn't sleeping well and he wanted to be held a lot.  Now that he's a little older, we were able to do so much more... Gymboree classes, the river, the pool, the beach, go to CALIFORNIA!!!!!, and just spend time together.  I know he won't remember these times, but the great part about my job is that I will have every summer to spend with him and make lasting memories.